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The original artwork for my Slavic Tarot deck is drawn with copic markers on 12x12 cardstock, with two cards per picture. Drawn by hand with vibrant colors, each piece of art in the deck is rich with the folklore, fairy tales, and mythology of the Ancient Slavs, updated for modern times.


This pairing features the fourth and fifth card of the Major Arcana: the Empress and the Hierophant. The Empress card (on the left) is represented by Mokosh, an ancient earth-goddess who served as the right hand of Mother-Moist-Earth and ruled over all things associated with women. The Hierophant (on the right) is represented by Svarog, the god of skilled crafts, all earthly-fire, and the forge.


Add this beautiful and unique piece of art to your collection--you know you want to!

Tarot Art IV Mokosh and V Svarog

SKU : ST04
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