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The original artwork for my Slavic Tarot deck is drawn with copic markers on 12x12 cardstock, with two cards per picture. Drawn by hand with vibrant colors, each piece of art in the deck is rich with the folklore, fairy tales, and mythology of the Ancient Slavs, updated for modern times.


This pairing features the sixth and seventh cards of the Major Arcana: the Lovers and the Chariot. The Lovers card (on the left) is represented by Jarilo and Morana, a god of youth and the spring who fell in love with a goddess of death and the winter; theirs is a tragic tale of the cycle of seasons, of death and rebirth. The Chariot (on the right) is represented by Svyatovit, the four-headed god of war and divination, whose ability to see in all directions (as well as into the past and future) inevitably brought victory.


Add this beautiful and unique piece of art to your collection--you know you want to!

Tarot Art VI Jarilo and Morana and VII Svyatovit

SKU : ST05
Hors TVA
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